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InSimSniffer requires at least .NET Framework 4.0 to run, which is available at
the following URL:

You must have Windows XP SP3 or better.


InSimSniffer does not have an installer, to use it simply unzip the archive on your computer and double-click InSimSniffer.exe to start the program.

Getting Started

InSimSniffer can automatically launch LFS and set the correct InSim options. To do this follow these steps:
  • Go to InSim > Options and select the General tab
  • Set the location of LFS.exe and make sure the Auto-connect after launching checkbox is enabled. Note: the location of LFS.exe should be filled in automatically if you have a normal LFS installation.
  • If your LFS client requires a game admin password, you can set this option under the InSim tab.
  • Click Save to save the options
  • Go to InSim > Launch LFS to automatically start the game and connect. InSimSniffer sets the correct InSim port argument when starting LFS, so you don't need to do this yourself.
Alternatively to setup the InSim connection manually do this:
  • Start LFS and on the main menu screen type the following command /insim 29999 to setup the InSim port
  • Place LFS into windowed mode (Shift+F4)
  • In InSimSniffer go to InSim > Options and make sure the correct port number is set under InSim Port.
  • Go to InSim > Connect to connect to LFS

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